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This is a Blog about Herb and What I do-Its my First blog


Whey Herbie Likes Herbs


As you probably understood by now I like gardening and I like Herbs.
Herbs are usually considered as plant with aromatic properties and are mainly used spice foods and for preparation of herbal teas. Herbs also contain many phytochemicals including antioxidants . Herbs are used in many religions as well. In Hinduism a form of Basil called Tulsi is worshipped as a Goddess for its medicinal value since the Vedic times. Herbs are generally easy to please and require only well drained, nutrient rich soil for their success. One of the herbs that is easy to grow is Basil. To grow the herb basil one needs to know a few things and it is important to learn how to grow basil before one proceeds to start a herb garden with basil. Once you start growing your own herb basil you will see that it can be used in many great basil recipes. By adding organic matter in the form of mulched leaves and manure each fall, your herbs will grow with vigour and be protected from winter cold. Read the rest of this entry »


Herbs Gardening Advice


Many people may not be aware that gardening can actually harm the environment. A large amount of carbon dioxide can be released through tilling the soil. This contributes to global warming. When you cultivating and compacting the soil, destroys good fungi. Fertilizers like nitrogen and manure often leach out of the soil and pollute the water you drink.To grow herbs one needs to get an insight on herb gardening and get some “how to” advice. Growing herbs is not difficult. Learning how to grow herbs is not hard. Herb gardening can be very rewarding once you learn the basics of gardening and a few things about herbs. Obviously, they are not only wasting their fertilizer but also their money. Read the rest of this entry »


Why is Gardening fun For Herbie


I really like gardening, It is my favourite pass time. I usually garden in the spring and summer but when weather permits I do it no matter what. I have an indoor garden….anyway here are some good tips for gardening in your yard. If you have a tiny yard and would like a simple but well-maintained garden, you only need two things - determination and know-how. I particularly like growing herbs. I use herbs for medicinal and of course cooking purposes. I like to use fresh herbs and thats why I find having a herb garden is very important. Of course there are many things one needs to know before they start a herb garden. Growing Herbs can be very rewarding especially if you like cooking.

Here are some tips on how to keep your garden by the yard looking spruced up and glamorous.
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Gardening For Fun


When summer rolls around, many individuals enjoy spending time in their backyard. When it comes to summer, many individuals associate backyards with picnics, barbeques, swimming, and outdoor sports. While all of these activities are nice, there are not the only things that you can do in your backyard. In fact, there are a number of other popular backyard activities that you may never have given much thought to. One of those activities involves growing a garden. I absolutely love gardening especially herb gardening. I have my own herb garden which I tend to day in and day out even in the winter. I have a great large herb garden with many different herbs which I use for many different things. I wanted to share a few things about my herb garden and gardening in particular. Read the rest of this entry »


Success in Life


Success in Life for me means to be happy. My favourite pass time and favourite hobby is gardening and particularly gardening with herbs. I absolutely love herb gardening and every activity revolving around growing, drying and cooking with fresh herbs. Learning how to grow fresh herbs is one thing. After that you will have to learn how to dry fresh herbs, how to store fresh herbs and then how to use fresh herbs in your cooking for example. I also have learned how to preserve fresh herbs. As I said, there are many things you need to know when it comes to herbs and herb gardening. Read the rest of this entry »


I do not Like Working at teh office


The office is my garden. I spend many hours a day when weather permits in the garden. I love gardeining and especially gardening for herbs. I have my own herb garden and grow herbs for many things like cooking. Even in the winter I have an indoor herb garden to keep me busy. Growing herbs in a container allows greater control over light, temperature and soil conditions. If you add wheels to your container, you can easy move your herb garden around to get the optimal sunlight or shade as needed. Growing potted herbs is a wonderful hobby. In addition to their culinary uses, herbs can be dried and used in potpourris, sachets and flower arrangements. It is important to learn how to grow herbs before you start with your herb garden too. Growing your own herb garden will allow you to sample some of the other more exotic and fun herbs that are out there waiting for you. Read the rest of this entry »